Hi. Given a choice, which would you chose?

Hi. Given a choice, which would you chose?
either No1 D5 or FINOW X5 and why?

I am thinking of buying one of them but unsure as to which one. Also , am I right in thinking all the watch faces created on your site and from the XDA site (where you originally contributed) would work on either watch?

Thank you and keep up your great work. It really is appreciated.

Thanks for the reply but I’m not sure what you mean “if the type 57SC face will work on the X5”…can you explain to this nooby please?

I see what you mean now. Thanks for explaining. I thought Type 57SC was a particular watch face design I. E. one face that wouldn’t work on the X5. Because of the compatibility issue, I decided to purchase the D5 watch. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks again for your great work.