Hi Folks, took a picture from the Internet of a Tissot1853,

Hi Folks, took a picture from the Internet of a Tissot1853, as I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing I just used the Shadow Second Function on the lower second counter dial, the Battery on the upper right one. For the left one I don’t have a clue what to use so I made a neutralized Background and used some Arrays from the Original P11 Face. Also included in the Zip is the Photoshop PSD File with all Layers, feel free to modify it as you like. Comments and critics welcome, I am currently learning how to Skin around, my D5 is coming in a few hours :smiley:


Tissot Couturier Quartz Chronograph Black


Found via Google Search for my Hard Rock Cafe Watch (other Pictures).

Made with the ingenious ClockSkin Maker by rromeroa - https://clockskinmaker.codeplex.com/

Any technical comments?

you r ok just make sure the last codes are the hands codes hour,minuets,and seconds last,

i fixed it for you if you wanthttps://http://drive.google.com/file/d/0B32gsc2zM4c-ZENRUkxyUzVvdFE/view?usp=sharing

Thanks for the advice m8 - just did this one to learn how to do things. Your hint with the hand codes last is much appreciated :blush: