Hi folks, This is my contribution to this community. My first watch face design

Hi folks,
This is my contribution to this community. My first watch face design.

It is inspired from a Lamborghini speedometer with:

  • An original battery indicator design (the color bars decrease with the battery level)
  • Temperature indicator
  • Day of the month
  • Red hour number indicates current month




Nice watch, but its not for watchmaker?

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Nice work mate :+1: very nice looking face :blush:

@Seet_Robin not the Wear version, no. It’s for the full android watches in this community

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I’m new to this community. What do u mean the full android watches??

Lavoro pulito molto bella 🖒

@Seet_Robin full android means it’s android like on any other phone and not android wear, that is a separate OS for smartwatches

@Malek_Oueriemmi great work!
Can I adapt a version to kw88?

@Al_Rod Yes please, but keep a link/credit to this original post. Same thing when publishing on WatchAwear.com, put a credit/link to the original clock skin. Enjoy it!

Looks good. Nice work done. :smiley:

Looks great, if it was a jaguar one it would be even better :wink:

@Johannes_H_Tesser there is such thing as full android watch???

Thank you. However, it crashes on my KW88 stock launcher.

Goodmorning everyone. I noticed a small problem … the temperature is not updated automatically. I have to remove the Watchface and put it back. Finow x5 plus

@Seet_Robin Thats what this group is about =) Just google one of the named watches and read a bit =)

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Can you please check if there is an issue with the temperature configuration in the clock skin file? I can not test it because I can’t reach the weather server here in Canada. Thank you!

Thank you for your answer. I tested your KW88 version instead of this version. I am sorry for the confusion. Anyway, I run this watch face in the Eric Launcher. Thank you. Mr. Oueriemmi and Rodrigues!

Hi!! This face isn’t exists anymore?

Can anybody please upload again? It’s REALLY nice I think!


Moved to “lost round faces”. Maybe someone have a copy of this file.