Hi everyone. New Year – new competition :) In conjunction with our old friend

Hi everyone.

New Year – new competition :slight_smile:
In conjunction with our old friend @SmartWatch_Ticks :slight_smile:
This time we have another amazing prize to offer to the lucky winner:
A ZEBLAZE THOR 4 DUAL smartwatch will be supplied to the winner, this time by Banggood.
There is one prize – one winner.
Postage will be Banggood’s standard shipping.
*It can currently be purchased at a great price here: http://bit.ly/2T6wVTK ($119.99 Coupon:4dual10)
A Thor 4 Dual video review is here: https://youtu.be/nZbhhFkl8QA
A Thor 4 Dual Initial Setup Guide video is here: https://youtu.be/wcHD0cahLFA

Complete information on this competition is posted here: (SWT Competition Announcement Video Link will be added when it is published on YouTube)

Each contestant may enter more than one face, but each one must be submitted by email separately.
The designs have to be ORIGINAL and can be analog, digital, or hybrid in design.
Any designs based on brands (Rolex, TAG, Seiko for example) will NOT be accepted.
The designs must work with the standard launcher (NO .watch or Watch-Maker files or faces that depend on anything other than the stock launcher.

All contestants agree to their designs being included in a competition wrap-up video showing their work on a Thor 4 Dual, and to having their face included in a ZIP file of contest participant entries which will be made available for free to the public for download at the completion of the competition. If you don’t want your design publicly available, don’t submit it for this contest!

There are links below to various tools for creating watch faces to help you with your work.

Your submissions must be emailed to rascmoderators@gmail.com by 10th February 2019, midnight, New York time zone.

As agreed with the people providing this prize – winning faces will be chosen by Pierce and Tim Collins. Their decision is final.

The lucky winner will be announced through a competition summary video on or around 14th February 2019.

Email the link to the completed face with one link per email if submitting more than one design. Yes, you can submit designs you have already posted for this competition as well as links to new creative works not yet seen.
Please put the words THOR4DUAL COMPETITION in the email subject before you send it in (without these words spelled exactly like this your email may not be filtered into the competition group, s type it exactly as shown).

*Tools to help you create your watch face:
Many thanks to this community member +Marco Ferreira - he has made these fantastic tools for you all.
WatchFace Designer. The app is here: http://bit.ly/2NBiYKg
More information\videos here http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/1292/watchface-designer *

Video for making very simple faces here: https://youtu.be/bu0FDMsrwXI

SWT tutorial videos for making Android faces through hand coding here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGZLicZ6A2vUbzBPkLGXcSffQ90OPmyc6

Good luck everybody !!

*Just to be clear
No BRAND copies at all will be allowed.
ONLY original works accepted.
NO WATCH MAKER faces will be accepted - obviously - as this is not a Wear OS watch and the winning faces will be used on FULL ANDROID WATCHES.
The faces have to be compatible with stock launcher.
The COMPLETE face must be available in the link you send in your email or it will be discarded.
So don’t just submit an image file.
Your submission will be shared with the public for free download and use after the competition completes.
This competition is open to anyone who wants to try for it.


Where can I view watch faces of previous contest winners please?

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@Louis_Peek sorry, but I can’t post it, because It’s not longer my face. I got the watch, Kospet got the face. That was the deal.

@tim_Collins @Louis_Peek Jep. If you look at one of my old watchfaces, you’ll find a hidden hint:
missing/deleted image from Google+

Here’s the video announcement of this competition: https://youtu.be/D4LRR5h8t_Y

Enjoy! Best of luck! Remember, you need to EMAIL your entries, not post them in the comments here. Thanks Pablo11, and the Collins Clan!

@G1NT0N1C Ah ha! Thank you! :wink: It’s just nice to know what composes a winning watch face!

Is this any original face or a theme? I got some ideas, but I need to know the scope.

well I would like to win one of those, but I have no chance. Better not even try.

No BRAND copies at all will be allowed. original jobs with a brand is valid @G1NT0N1C ?

@Nicholas_Herczeg any idea you have in mind is welcomed as long as it’s original and not involving a company logo.

Watchfaces must be compatible with which stock launcher? Android 7 launcher or older ones? Because in the KingWear based launchers there are some (minor) differences…

@SmartWatch_Ticks What about personal (Maker) logos? I have one, but it’s not official, yet. I know a few other designers that have their own personal logos, as well.

@Nicholas_Herczeg for a competition like this you should create a face without any logo. The company will use this face as a stockface, they are not interested to promote your brand.

@G1NT0N1C my design doesn’t have a logo. I was just curious. I was considering it, at first, but I didn’t want to negate my entry. Better to ask questions and look a little stupid than not to, and look even more stupid.

@G1NT0N1C has it right. For this competition, we should stay away from all logos, including Maker logos. And for @Marco_Ferreira , yes, there was a window where things were strange with some early KW88 watches and others handling the clock engine slightly differently. For sake of clarification, I’d suggest you have insure your design will work with the new breed of Android 7.1.1 watches, in particular, the Thor 4 Dual, as that’s the one we’ll be using for the demo.

@SmartWatch_Ticks , I don’t have a smartwatch of any kind, currently, as my old one drowned and I have been unable to replace it, as of yet. Is that going to be an issue? I can test them on @Marco_Ferreira 's Clockskin Preview, but that’s about the extent of how I can test. Is that ok? I’ve already submitted 2 faces. I may do more, but it depends on how long it takes to make them and how much time I have left.

Do your best, @Nicholas_Herczeg . Appreciate your efforts.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Here’s the best I can do for you:

This is my latest version of ClockSkinBrowser. I’ve tried to make the KW Engine preview as pixel perfect as I could (it’s way more perfect then what WFD can show).

@Marco_Ferreira Is WFD generically designed to work with any full Android smartwatch, or is it designed for 5.1, but 7.1.1 happens to be backwards compatible? I assume that most faces for 5.1 will work on 7.1.1, but not necessarily the other way around. Is WFD going to support the interactive features that 7.1.1 has in a future release? I realize that it would add a lot of extra coding and would probably takoe a long time to implement.

@Nicholas_Herczeg afak 7.1.1 does not have interactive features on ClockSkins. It does have some hard coded watchfaces (the first ones in the watchface selection screen) that do not use the ClockSkin format, and uses an animated wallpaper as background - and that animated wallpaper is the interactive part. Anyway, these are hard coded and it seems there’s no way to add this kind of watchfaces to the watch. The same with the personalizable watchface (the one you can choose a picture as a background). It’s also hard coded, and is not rendered with the ClockSkin engine.
That being said, yes, I plan to support the features of 7.1.1 on WFD, even though that will mean losing compatibility on some features with other versions. I just have to find out a way to make it clear that compatibility issue. I would also like to maintain full Universal Launcher compatibility, and right now stock 7.1.1 engine has some features that UL doesn’t have yet. Which is strange, because is used to be the other way around :). Anyway, I believe this topic is better discussed at the forum, and not on this thread… Moderators, if you wish to remove this post, please be my guest :slight_smile: