Hi everyone. New IQI I3,

Hi everyone.

New IQI I3, Lemfo LF16 and Domino 368 firmware is now available on the tech forum.

It has a switch in display settings which fixes the DPI problem. But make sure you use the correct version.
If your current firmware has HEHUI in the title you must use the one dated and labelled 20170303 hehui if not use the one dated 20170307 without hehui in the title.

works well! Thx! But a problem occurs when updating the iqi i3, which is when the battery saving mode is activated, the font size has been greatly reduced, and a blue icon appears on the bottom (ugly) side. Is there any way to change this? Because the battery of the smartwatch lasts much longer in this mode.

In display settings there is an app switch - turn it off

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 where’s the tech forum link?

In the very first post on this community. The information post.@HorizonLeganes