Hi everyone. I've found a new mistery around the sales of the KW88 watches.

Hi everyone.
I’ve found a new mistery around the sales of the KW88 watches.

On Aliexpress I’ve found another seller than the one I bought/ordered mine from and this seller states in his sales page that this is the “NEW PRESALE MODEL”

Looking at the features that are specifictly marked in red as being the new features I’ve found some strange overlappings.
Here is the list I’m talking about:

Marked “RED” items:
MTK6580 Quad core 1.3 GHz vs SAME CPU

400400 pixels, 260000 colors vs Amoled 400400 pixels, 260000 colors

400mAh high power polymer battery vs 350 mAh high power polymer battery

2.0MP vs 5.0MP

They marked the CPU as upgraded but it is not.
They marked the display as upgraded, but I think my “OLD” version also is an Amoled display, the resolution and colors are the same.
They marked the battery as 400mA/h where mine is indicated as 350ma/H. The KW website stats 400mA/h
They marked the camera as 5MP where my seller states 2MP, but the product page of Kingwear still states 2MP.

So is this misinformation or as @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 states, there are new things to come in a couple of weeks?
My feeling is, they made a lot of copy/paste errors on both sides and the new seller isn’t saying there’s a new version of the KW88 coming, but just says the KW88 is the new watch from Kingwear.

Seller (mine) “old” model:

Seller new model:

Found another seller that has this data on the Camera:
Front camera:2.0MP (SW 5.0MP)

Probably means that the 2Mpix hardware camera can be expanded to 5Mpx with software. That leaves just the battery as the possible upgrade.

It is funny, because i made a picture with the camera and open it with my Home Computer and the picture viewers says : 2560*1920Pixel = 5MP

What your seeing is the output the software generates. It could be a 2Mpix image blown up to be 5Mpix. If I receive the watch I’ll run it through some tests to see if it fools the consumer in believing it’s more than it pretends to be.

ok, your right. is there an app were you can see the built in hardware?

Not to my knowledge.
I would load the testimage and look if pixels were duplicated. that’s what happens when software fakes 2->5Mpix. The image stays the same, the pixelsurface gets spread out.
Or… you need to remove the camera module and look if it has markings.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf Look @38:00 min. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8U2-AlW54a8 in the video of @SmartWatch_Ticks You can see there’s a camera module under the shield. The shield is not removed, but there’s a connector under it. I guess the camera can be removed/replaced/upgraded.

Another difference its the antilost function, the kigwear of the Gearbest didnt have

And the faces too, 11 faces against 3 of the Kingwear

Funny, Bangkok sky line background is mine. I posted this watchface here few months ago.

@Pradermchai_Ponlawan ​ wow I guess they paid you a descent fee for the use of the watchface? Or at least a big thank you for letting them use it commercially?

@Pradermchai_Ponlawan The Watchface on my KW88 has your Name.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf They did not.

@Pradermchai_Ponlawan I’m not familiar with Chinese copyright laws, but in my country I would have a nice summer bonus. I’m a photographer and have dealt a few times with copyright infringements. It pays nicely.