Hi Everyone. A new model watch of great interest has arrived and will be

Hi Everyone.
A new model watch of great interest has arrived and will be on sale very soon.
From a very new company who are very close to KingWear.
Welcome to Kospet http://www.kospet.com/ *

Official Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjsvlbQuwd0

Black Friday sales link http://goo.gl/NFzLf9

*This is a very classy model - the “Kospet Hope”
Aimed at the luxury watch market that is starting to evolve.

The very impressive specifications include:
3GB Ram!
32GB storage !!
A lovely Ceramic bezel and quality alloy body + case.
GPS Tracking enabled fitness apps (confirmed to be included)
Android 7.1.1
Always on screen option
Removable straps
8mp camera (5mp hardware - 8mp software up-scaling)

Lots more but I will let you look at the official web site link above and these great pictures of the watch included here.
The watch should retail for around $135 - $150 USD depending on the seller and discounts.

This is an interesting first entry to the market for Kospet.
I look forward to seeing this one very soon - should be in time for the November sales :slight_smile:

missing/deleted image from Google+

Anyone know anything about this watch, technically it looks good. Price? Will it take clockskin faces like lemfo?

@shaun_blackstock there’s a black friday link above, the current price is 139$. And yes, it will support clockskin faces.

One thing we have discovered is that companies are starting to protect the watches from customers flashing the incorrect firmware to their watches.
This is the first we have seen that has actually taken a step in this direction.

To prevent accidental damage they are only including charging pins on the watch and not data pins.
So file transfer is still very easy through various WiFi or Bluetooth browser solutions.
But firmware flashing will not be available - OTAs will be the only way.
See in the video what the new rear covers will be like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjsvlbQuwd0
To some extent this is good because as we know from our work in the tech support forum - sooo many people soft brick their watches by flashing the wrong firmware. In the future it may be that only the very serious advanced user will attempt flashing firmware via the pins on the main board.

It comes down to personal preference I guess…

I have to say - this is a very classy watch :slight_smile: It looks and feels and behaves like a premium product.

So - we will start to see rear covers like this - which is how this new model is made.

missing/deleted image from Google+

Just an observation but all companies seem to be bringing out the same all same all watches and losing there way. 4 pin connection is essential. Also we need bluetooth calling in these new android 7 phones because lets face it signal strength in a smartwatch is only a fifth of the strength of a smartwatch. Also bigger battery to sustain a bluetooth connection to mobile phone. Personally I have lost all faith in all small battery models ( android 7 models) with the exception of the Lem4 pro with it’s great battery life and quality and battery size and android 5.1 to achieve bluetooth calling . :slight_smile: Lets move forward first before regressing :slight_smile: Large battery good quality battery, then bluetooth calling, then android 7 then class. :slight_smile:

@A_Kinsella I understand your sentiments but lets face it - the battery life of the new Android 7.1.1 watches (LEMX LEM8 etc) design (even with an always on face) is pretty amazing. Just ask @tim_Collins :slight_smile:
Bluetooth calling is ok but in reality - when I had it I never used it.
Remember that the goal they are aiming for is to no longer need both phone and watch - so tethering is not high on their agenda.
As far as the needing 4 pins goes - yes it is very useful for the few of us that need to flash TWRP or custom firmware - but we are in the minority.
Most watches that are sold are never rooted or flashed by the customer.
We make up around 10% of the smart watch customer group.
Advanced users I suppose you could say…

The fact is that most customers will be quite happy as long as they can transfer their files and battery last a full day without charge - like most mobile phones.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Unfortunatley they will never reach the goal of no longer needing both watch and phone because the cellular signal quality in all of these smartwatches are weak and drop out all the time. The cellular antennas will never be up to scratch compared to smartphones. Hence the need for Bluetooth calling to have a strong signal from your phone to smartwatch at all times to do the dick tracey thing. The only watches that last a full day with screen on are the Lemx and Lem4 pro hence my point that bigger and better battery life is needed on all new watches including the Kospet :slight_smile: Otherwise we are buying the same old same old with newer android OS and unnecessary higher specs. :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Of course having said this I think these companies are doing a fantastic job with these smartwatches compared to the main stream companies who’s smartwatches are way over priced. They just need to address some issues for us Dick Tracey lovers and for me Bluetooth tethering is the only logical and functional way to achieve this without constant drop outs from every model I have tested. Even android 7 4g models constantly drop out due to no room for decent antennas :slight_smile:

To go back on the topic, for me USB connection is a must have, i don’t want to have to install “i don’t know what” software to be able to transfer files…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 In the words of Bobby Duke, “I want that!”. Are y’all still doing a contest? Just wondering…
Back when y’all did the World Cup Kingwear contest, I neither had the skills or the confidence. Now, I may or may not win, but I’ll have a much better chance. It’ll definitely be more fun to try…and who knows…

Thread cleaned… sigh.
Just so you all know - we don’t get anything for showing you these new watches. It’s part of an arrangement we have with various brands who we provide after sales support for.
We get a couple of samples to work with and that’s it. Nothing else.

Anyway - some very good news about this USB issue.
The company will be providing a USB cable which can be used with the watch if needed.
To be honest it’s only really needed for firmware updates or needing to move a lot of files. It can be attached by removing the sim card cover and it connects to the four contacts next to the sim on the main board.

The built in WiiWatch2 app has file transfer and remote text input functions now and after testing it I can confirm that it is working fine. Even for transferring custom apk files etc .
As soon as the custom USB cable is available I will let you know.
The competition will be announced soon - maybe a “Christmas watch face” competition would be nice ?

Here is a really nice first review by our very own @sonia_sophie_ataunna

Looks nice.
I’m still holding on to my KW88 :wink:
Waiting for a watch like the LEM X with a small (or no) bezel and without the ‘flat tire’.

@tim_Collins I think the bezel on the LEM 8 is still a bit too big.
The one on the LEM X looks smaller.
So a combination of the two would be perfect.

A little update about the Kospet Hope straps. They can be swapped with any regular strap.
It was first thought that the straps had antennas inside but I have realised that this is not the case.
So any strap of the right size will fit.

@tim_Collins WiiWatch2 app is supposed to be working on IOS now.
What firmware version do you have on your LEM8?

@tim_Collins is it still that way? No notifications?

Currently on promotion again here https://www.banggood.com/promotion-KospetHopeSale-7500.html?utmid=5970
Looks like a good price!!

Here is what the usb cable will look like. Currently being produced and available very soon. missing/deleted image from Google+