Hi everybody, where do you recommend me to buy the KW88,

Hi everybody, where do you recommend me to buy the KW88, i used to have a no1 D5 and sell it, now i have a Zeblaze Blitz (Lemfo Lem3 exact model) but even it is waterproof the screen sucks because it scratch so easily (i don’t think it is gorilla glass 3, not even a bit), so i will sell it and buy a KW88, where i can’t order it, i´m in Mexico, thanks in advance.

Look for the best deal on Aliexpress. If they ship to Mexico…

I would wait for at least a week or so though.

The only place I could find that ships is Aliexpress for the KW88.
The others BG and GB have preorder status on the watch.
Look out on AE for a reputable seller that has a sale
The watch should not cost more than €110 with free shipping.

I think you found the screen protector:) Watch this video from 25:00 https://youtu.be/_LHzJ9jvK4s

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 do you know if does exist a tempered glass to apply on my zeblaze blitz?

@Fabio The Zeblaze Blits has Corning Gorilla Glass 3. If you are seeing scratches, they might be there because you left de 2nd screenprotector foil on. It’s a perfectly round circle of plastic foil on the watchface. Very hard to notice.

I think the same one which was used for the D5 should fit. I believe it is the same size screen. Its here on the community somewhere…

Is the glass screen replacable? Has someone removed/changed it before? I think that the glass is glued to the touch and lcd layer, so the complete display unit has to be removed and is certainly not interchangeable with other brands watches because probably the connectors will never align if they are compatible in the first place.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf i would think you are right about that Ken.

@Balazs_Puskas I’m sorry to tell you that the screen protector was removed since day one, even so I’m not a guy who uses the watch for heavy duties so scratch could happened in a normal day task

@Antonio_Obregon Please show us the scratch.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf …false allarm…the scretch is on the label…