Hi everybody! Turn engine on and step on the accelerator! Here goes the Ferrari

Hi everybody!

Turn engine on and step on the accelerator! Here goes the Ferrari Aero Evo.

Notice: A Ferrari car is given away with any download. XD

Made with WFD and The Gimp.

Enjoy it!

Features: Analog clock, minute clock, 24H clock, power, day

Credits to Ferrari: http://store.ferrari.com/es_es/hombre/accesorios/relojes/aero-evo-chrono-scuderia-ferrari.html

Picture from left to right: Original watch, WFD preview.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hTh7suiA8QTNmsNuDajVzcFF1vOPg2bP/view?usp=sharing


@Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo this is nice - are sure it is not based on someone else’s graphics ? It looks very familiar to me …
If it’s your original, then I am sorry .

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Absolutely of my own dear colleague. I respect partners designs, even more, I don’t see the point of making faces from the same watches. Glad you like it master! By the way, if someone made this before, it was not my intention making another version. I’d like to say that looking for watches in the community is not easy, sometimes I’ve tried just to not repeat faces already made, but don’t know how.

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Nice. Please creat another one with Color Red. thanks.

Very nice job!, tnx @Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo :wink:

@Santy_Regidor Thanks very much to you Santy. Enjoy it!

@Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo i have a few of yours designs in mine LEM5 Pro. I like your job. Thanks for sharing! :wink:

nice work bro

@Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo thanks mate. Just had to check…You would not believe the amount of hassle we get here :slight_smile:
Great job !!

@F_H Thanks Franki!

Hi u can add Also Diggro DS01 installed clock face Works fine.Tnx

U can add Aldo Diggro DI01 smartwatch installed and Works fine.Tnx

@ilija_budim to us this is a LES1 or Thor. Also known as the Z10 :slight_smile:

merci beaucoup pour ce partage, c’'est magnifique.

@Damien_Spinnewyn we need to use English here. Sorry but it is an English community.

Thanks @Toni_Cabrera_Ceballo!!. It works charm on my ZBT4!. Looks great.

Im using a Thor Pro 3G, watchface was for weeks the interactive chronosurf wave, I really liked it. 2 days ago I installed this Ferrari face and got within 48hrs two times a wow!! from my friends. I think that says all. Im really touched and would like to share this experience.
Really a good job done here.

Beautiful design. Please indulge my ignorance and explain how to install after downloading.:flushed:

Great watch face :+1:
Could you try a Mercedes AMG F1?

My favorite so far, thanks!