Hi everybody; I was about to purchase an Finow X3 Plus,

Hi everybody;

I was about to purchase an Finow X3 Plus, but I heard that the Gearbest version does not have WIFI connection support. Does anyone who have this model and bought in Gearbest site, can tell me if this information is true?

I do wanna a silicon band watch, because I usually sweat alot practicing sports, does ii have another watches that are similar as Finow x3 plus? With 8GBs storage.

Thanks so much!

@Lokifish_Marz It does indeed, I got myself confused because it make no sense at all…
Now im thinking about buy an X5 Plus instead, the leather band are more robust than the plastic one from X3?

Sander, how this watch will help you to do sports? What app can be installed on it to fulfil these needs?

@Raimis_Shapras I was thinking about runtastic + spotify with BT earphones.

Just got mine yesterday. Can confirm: X3 plus from gearbest DOES have wifi. Seems only up to 2.4 ghz and not 5, but ive been using it all weekend on wifi with no SIM.

Very interesting. It is also interesting how long battery can withstand such work: gps+sport app+internet+music?

I have a D5+ and the only app for running that works with it is Strava… I tried Nike, adidas, runtastic… No Lucky…

@Juliano_Vaz Seriously? Why they don’t work? I brought a Finow X5+ today… Hoping that Runtastic works.

Endomondo works too, i instaled right now…

@Juliano_Vaz Can you manage it work with spotify in background? I cant belive that Runtastic wont work.

Spotify works!

Band is very good. I use mainly for amazing watch faces. WiFi is good also. Google Music and I loaded up many GB of mp3’s. Also use VLC for mp4’s. Bought in OCT from GearBest based upon SmartWatch Ticks YouTube channel. I am enjoying the X3+ big time.

I concur. Can run almost entire Smart home automation system from mine! :slight_smile: