Hi everybody, I bought the No1 D5 ans I'm very happy.

Hi everybody, I bought the No1 D5 ans I’m very happy. I’m would know if there is an other apk that “montre helper” that I could used? On m’y Aiwatch G3, there is Fundo Wear and Mediatek Smartdevice. I tried this last as the D5 have a CPU Mediatek but it doesn’t work. Thanks for your feedback.

you can use M2D Sender and Rciever for your phone and watch but notice the option for reply a phone call or a sms is a remote control it open it on the phone and you can’t answer them from the watch.


for calls and sms:


Thanks for your answer, I tried these apk but I prefer used the bluetooth than the wi-fi. There is not other solution.

No, you just get notifications