Hi collegues i found somehing beautiful in my opinion but i wonder if this

Hi collegues i found somehing beautiful in my opinion but i wonder if this is possible to make with wfd and working on stock engine. Any sugestions, ideas or knowledge if this is possible? Greets

The star for the minutes seems like a circular movement, so with the right negative rotation multiplier, it should be possible to at least approximate it. The linear movement for the hour, that’s more difficult. Again, it could be possible to approximate it with a (way off-centered very large radius) rotation, but it would never be quite perfect. One could possibly also use digital clock layers for the hour, creatively using images for each hour, but then the hour movement wouldn’t be smooth…

@Marco_Ferreira hmm that’s the same conclusion I thought it would be. Thanks for the clarification I ll pass on that one. Greets

@Israel_Gonzalez yep i would love it to see on our watches. Greets Mate!

Need credit link and good quality photo

It’s beautiful thank you for posting it I’m having trouble getting it to work on my kw99

@Gee_Bardlavens try using the launcher that @Eric_Crochemore has made. Should be ok on that.

this watch is so beautiful. PLEASE build it

@Marco_Riedner https://plus.google.com/118111108038827903500/posts/5QabnXhR7sF

@Team_Russia +Haidar Reply to the deleted post: lol look at my Profile and tell me i dont know how much work making Skins is and if he produces a Rolex Skin ist not his work ist a copy of the designer who made the work for Rolex. Of Course ist a copy! Thats why we give credits to the brandowner here! And if you carefully read my post i sugested that he could place this PayPal link on his Profile and thats it… Greets!

nice but don´t work in my kw88

@antonio_garcia it because clockskin use big divide value in autorotation parameter. Man and the star moving on little segment of arc. It work good on X-series. To adopt it on kv88 somebody can open source in WFD and play with parameters