Hi, Any one know how I can force the ota.

Any one know how I can force the ota. I’m the Dec 2015 build & want the newest March 2016. Update says I have current firmware, but it’s not. I have no idea how to use adb or sptools etc. I have DL the latest zip from no.1
Any help would be greatly appreciated, cuz I want reverse rotation. Also is there a better app or newer version of watch helper app I’m @ 1.4 I believe.

Thanks, you know of a way to dismiss the pushed notifications from watch helper, on watch & android 6.0.1 phone

I have the same problem. I’m not able to update firmware via USB and the watch doesn’t receive the update via OTA.
The watch works well but the Helper doesn’t connect the phone automatically after 2 or 3 disconnections.
Can someone help me?

@Lokifish_Marz Thanks. I’ll try to clear the cache. aboute te update I’m able to access via ADB to the watch but when I launch Flash_Tool the tool doesn’t fine the watch.

the watch is turned off. What are VCOM driver? The help say that if the driver are not found the installation will start