Hi all, Wifi on my D5 can't connect to my network. I searched on xda & this

Hi all,

Wifi on my D5 can’t connect to my network. I searched on xda & this forum for the solution but can’t find it. Also I tried to flash the watch with previous & K9 firmware with no avail. I hope that someone here can help me on this. Thanks in advance

What exactly is the issue?

  1. No network is shown in the wireless network list
  2. You see the network in the list but can’t select it
  3. The watch try to connect but after a while it throws out an error
  4. Anything else

@Ciro_Danise It’s no. 3, the watch won’t go further than authenticating

@Paul_Tanusubroto ok, you should check if the issue is there only with your WiFi equipment or also with others

@Ciro_Danise It happens with all wifi networks :frowning:

@Paul_Tanusubroto Go in Settings->About Device->Status, check your WiFi MAC Address and write down it.
Reboot the watch and check if the WiFi MAC Address is still the same.

@Ciro_Danise It changed. I also notice IMEI is unknown

@Paul_Tanusubroto Bad thing, you have a corrupted NVRAM then. If you had a backup of your NVRAM you have to restore it, otherwise you should contact No.1 for that issue. :frowning:

@Ciro_Danise :frowning: No I have no backup. Is there nothing else I can do to fix it?

Thanks for your help @Ciro_Danise

@Paul_Tanusubroto I’m sorry that I can’t do more for your problem

I had similar problem connecting my home wifi. No trouble with others. It was: Wifi password length too long!. It looks like the watch can’t store wifi passwords more than 20 characters long. Should change Wifi hotspot password to another shorter.

@Ciro_Danise I get a replacement watch these coming weeks. Now I use Bluetooth for internet tethering or connect the watch for notifications only. Battery life is good for 3 days which is OK.

@Paul_Tanusubroto Glad to know that

@Ciro_Danise With the help of this video I could add a new IMEI & now GSM & Wifi are working again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1Wa0qx9OWk&index=2&list=FL0MlMda8FJMcxcCyUFTfY0w