Hi All, Some new watches from one of our sponsors IQI.

Hi All,
Some new watches from one of our sponsors IQI.
The I7 - a more affordable Android 7 4G watch but with full 400x400 screen and all the same features as the others. Should retail for around $129 US

Also the I8 - designed to emulate the appearance of the I4 but again Android 7 + 4G + the usual fitness apps . Nice alloy body like the I4.
This one should come in at around $149 US
Both have 1gb ram and 16gb storage
Both should be available to order now.

Do these have full round display or flat on yhe bottom? :smiley:

You can see it on the picture- It’s a full round display.

Neat! Thank you!

Interesting, is there any option to up the RAM ?

Not that I know of but you can search for a 2g version…I must admit though - I have never needed 2GB ram and have seen any performance gain from it either. But that’s just my opinion - I have both and never notice it…

@Danny_Tang yes, I think @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 is right. 2gb RAM does’nt bring any performance advantage on a smartwatch. You might have a look at this video:

It compares the Finow x5 pro (1gb RAM /16gb storage) and the Finow x5 air (2gb RAM /16gb storage). The x5 pro works better. I can confirm it, I tested both of them. IMO, 1gb RAM is perfect for a smartwatch.

@G1NT0N1C It’s not a question of performance but with more RAM you can install more apps…

@Eric_Crochemore What you talking about Lewis?

Who? Me? Wha?

@Louis_Peek lol :slight_smile:

@A_Kinsella he means that with more ram it is possible to have more apps running. For example - if you have all the Google apps like YouTube, Maps, Gmail and others installed - you will be running low on memory…
It’s not about space - it’s about running costs…
Personally I have never need all these “bells and whistles” type apps installed on my watch so I don’t have the issue.
But, you’d be surprised how many do …

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Are yes he meant run more apps not install more apps. I get it. LOL.