Hi all! My smartwatch "N1 D5" brings installed firmware version "20160321".

Hi all!

My smartwatch “N1 D5” brings installed firmware version “20160321”. If this version is useful for you I can send them. Is this possible? How I can copy/extract my version of the clock? @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Very interesting… I checked my D5 for wireless updates… but nothing :frowning:

Nothing here in Italy :frowning:

I bought my D5 from http://gearbest.com and it came with firmware "160530“…
Build-Nr ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.22

Yeah, pretty sure that the latest we have here (X1) is the same date. X1 and D5 are the same watch. It is in the firmware section.

@Andrew_Davis the OTA system for these was disabled by the vendor a long time ago…
Flashing using SP Tools is the only way to update.

It doesn’t improve anything when it comes to solving the cellular radio disconnect issue though :frowning:

I can’t find “160530” firmware here