Hi all, I've been trying to find a good way of making native "square"

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to find a good way of making native “square” apps usable on the circular display of my watch.

Has anyone tried the OneHand Mode Xposed module to force native apps into a more circular-display friendly mode? I installed and configured yesterday, and it seems to do a great job of making the normal square apps usable on my X5 display.

I added a global padding of 10 pixels to the top, and 25 to left, right and bottom, which applies to all apps, and it seems to work quite nicely for most things. Obviously it’s not ideal, but it does make the apps nicely usable.

You can blacklist the circle friendly apps (e.g. lockscreen, launcher, maps etc.) so they are still seen as normal. The premium version (which is only $1) allows you to change the padding per app.

Attached a couple of photos to show Runtastic and Spotify.

Is this useful, or am I missing an obviously better way of doing this?

There is also UI Tuner from Play Store, these and other solutions already discussed here.

How did you get Runtastic work?
When i want to download Playstore says: device not supported.

Well, this is new to me, and i love it!!

@Ciro_Danise Thanks for that, I did look through the FAQs etc and couldn’t find much info. Do you know if UI Tuner has per-app and/or blacklist support? Obviously it’s not good to scale the watch face lock screen and other circular apps

@Robin_Wolf I sideloaded an APK from my phone

Forgot to mention that any xposed modules need to be moved onto internal storage (modules -> long press -> app info -> move to internal storage) or they will not start on boot automatically

Hi Luke,

No worries - as you say, get custom recovery and root first. Then you can get the Xposed Installer APK for their repository (first Google result). I recommend version 2.6.1.

This will give you an Xposed Installer app in your app list. Running this and clicking Framework will give you the option of installing the framework - it handles the install for you, you just need to click the relevant button and approve root access.

Once installed, you can run the Installer app again, go to Download and search for “One-Handed” (full title is “One-Handed mode for all devices”). Select it, swipe across to versions, and click Download on the latest version. This will download and install an APK, which puts an icon in the app list (you can use this to configure the module later).

Once that’s installed, go back onto the installer once more, and select modules. The One-Handed mode should be listed there. It’s important on the X5 that you move to the internal storage - so long press on the One-Handed entry, select App info, and then click the “Move to Internal Storage” button. Hit the back button so you get back to the module list, and click the checkbox next to the One-Hand entry. Then you just need to reboot the watch, and use the relevant app to configure it. This is straightforward - just enter the padding values and click apply, and blacklist the lock screen and launcher (otherwise watch faces will not look correct).

I highly recommend the premium version - it’s only $1, and obviously supports the developer. With that you can specify per app settings for the margin. However, it doesn’t look like you can specify negative margins so you probably can’t make apps bigger.

Hope that helps - probably sounds more complicated than it is!


Yep - I’ve only ever needed to do it through Xposed for the modules (there’s an App Info link that takes you to the same place).

@Luke_Lucas You can also use “Setting Search” from Play Store to access many common Android settings

Could someone kindly point me in the direction of the guide to root the x5 please and customs recovery. Thanks

@C_For The guide to root is the same as for D5 here: https://plus.google.com/+LokifishMarz/posts/4HPJPa8DccQ
My TWRP recovery for X5 can be downloaded here:

This solves so many issues! Nice find! I found that Tasker doesn’t like to use the padding values. Also, any Google apps need to be blacklisted or they are even smaller. The Google Play store is one exception.

Totally agree, it makes a massive improvement, as most UIs actually scale down fairly well, but outside the bounds of the circle!

I’m happy that you’ve got this but I’m so surprised that this seems like a new thing to you guy’s. As @Ciro_Danise ​ mentioned before, we’ve been using this since back in the original K8 / K18 days. It’s a great solution :+1: I guess most of that info is still over on XDA though…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Okay, thanks - I was not aware of it and I had done some searching. Probably a useful thing to add to the FAQs as it makes a big difference to how useful the watch is IMO.

Hi. How did you install runkeeper ? Playstore refusés?!? Also i can install endomodo but how to pair it with a bt4 polar hr belt. Rgds