hi all...im getting a finow x5, just want to ask,

hi all…im getting a finow x5, just want to ask, i dont want to put a simcard into my x5, can i connect my x5 with my s7 edge to go online or i need to use hotspot on my s7 edge then connect with my x5 to go online…??

You can use both BT tethering or WiFi tethering for that purpose.

Can you use bluetooth and tethering with a sim card in? As all attempts i have made to use hotspots and blutooth tethering have failed

Yes you can. Needs to be enable on your phone and paired to the watch - there are many “how to’s” on google depending on your phone model

Can you direct to any links? It would be much appreciated

@Ben_Ford this is helpful http://www.wikihow.com/Tether-via-Bluetooth-in-Android

any luck?

hi bro… i just got my finow x5…try to connect to window 10, usb unable to regconized, connect to imac, no response…anyone can help?

try the FAQ section and also look at the “mtk usb drivers” search on google

Tried…even i got the driver…window still not regconised😓

does it make a sound on the pc when you connect? Any notification on the watch?

Watch just show usb connected…mac no response…window 10 unable to regconised usb…charging is ok

On the watch you need to go to notifications and usb settings “when it’s plugged in” and select MTP device.

Alternatively install settings search from play store and find usb settings and select MTP device. It sounds to me like you have a bad driver or bad cable or bad charging dock.

I use other usb cable…all non regconise until i use the original cable then it regconised :joy:

So it’s all good then?

some cables don’t have the correct pins required …

Working but very sensitive…easily disconnect…one more thing…can u share the the link or guide how to install watch face into fonow x5?

It’s all in the guides section. Just have a look around.