Hi all. I'd like to comment one thing about battery duration.

Hi all. I’d like to comment one thing about battery duration. I was proving some changes to improve this point. I’m using the d5 in companion mode without sim card and Imperium firmware by Lokifish. I installed an application called Gsam Battery monitor to monitor battery consumption (easy and it can monitorize battery consumption since last charging, after now…). I could notice that radio drained the battery. I set to airplane mode and of course the battery lasted so much more. But I want to use bluetooth connection… So I tried to connect bluetooth in plane mode and… It worked. It worked very well. Radio consumption dropped to 0% (It was 95% before more or less). After that I found some content on internet talking about that. Sorry if it isn’t something new, I didn’t read about it here before. Lokifish, how about a section about battery issues and improvements?

You can use BT or WiFi in Airplane mode on any Android device.

I have seen same… Without anything connected radio was in second position regarding battery consume… I wanna see how is consume in airplane mode

I will give it a try! Thanks a bunch!

I did another factory reset yesterday, installed all apps I need in the watch and tried to use it JUST as a watch without anything connected and in airplane mode as you told us…

After 20h I still have 83% of battery… Now I think I can say it works well…

Yes Enrique Corral. Same here. Airplane mode functions so much better than energy saving (what maintains radio on). With bluetooth always on, with the common connection-disconnection issue, 2 days in my wrist at the moment and It still has 15% battery, with a normal use watching notifications and wifi off (maybe one app installed yesterday using wifi).

And I noticed another one: when I go to my cellar where there isn’t any coverage, if I maintain the radio on, the battery drains quicker than at home, trying to connect. In fact, in battery graph it appears a line about coverage that changes colour. Now, in plane mode, no line appears. I understand now that’s normal, but before I had understood this, I really thought that phone mode doesn’t consume without a SIM card, and actually it does.

So phone function is always ON, unless you select plane mode and it consumes battery. Another test could be the next: Has anyone tried to call to emergency number? In Spain (and in many european country) phones without SIM card inserted can make calls to ER phone service (so it would mean that it has coverage). I didn’t try.

Conclusion: If you are going to use smartwatch in companion mode, select airplane mode and switch bluetooth or wifi on selectively to save battery.

Lokifish Marz, I think we must advice new users in FAQ about this. What do you think about it?

well, I’ve tried turning on airplane mode, and leaving BT on. So now my watch goes down to 83% in 4 hours (from 100%), and launcher is keeping cpu awake over 15 minutes…

Don’t know. Using GSam Battery monitor: In my case the major battery consumption is for the screen 36% (depending on the use, of course). Next is awake / doze section, with 32% (93% in deep sleep, the rest is awake). Last is apps consumption 32%: (Android system 10,9%, Launcher 8,7% (20 minutes in total), Kernel 2,9%).

In my case (I didn’t know one how said the same) once I turn the Bluetooth on battery starts draining… Actually Wi-Fi consumes much less batt than Bluetooth

Bluetooth is 1% for me.

yeah, but Wifi is not constantly on… which can be annoying :slight_smile:

It appears that my Bluetooth draining has left after my last factory reset… It seems to work well right now… Let’s see how long it lasts…

Good luck! :slight_smile: