Hi all I have this issue on watch,

Hi all

I have this issue on watch, i cant install apps from play store, just 1 black square appears and disappears, i try to clean cache and data and download and install play store apk still same. I have last version of frimware of Finow x5

Try installing the app on Play Store on your phone, and see what comes up in those black boxes on your phone. There’s actually writing there on your watch. The large box is probably asking you to accept all the permissions before going ahead. You may be cancelling out of it rather than tapping the “Next” button. It needs to go through all of it before the button changes to “Install”.

@SmartWatch_Ticks Thanks for answer, on phone permission request show up, also the text on these windows was black like background but never mind i fix it when install and click Clean on float touchier and bum fixed :slight_smile:

the strange thing is why is not worked when i clean cache manually trough apps

This is happening to me now as well. Nothing I do seems to fix it. I can’t install any apps.