Hi all, Currently working on the Zeblaze Blitz watch to add plenty of watch-faces

Hi all,

Currently working on the Zeblaze Blitz watch to add plenty of watch-faces to it…

As engineer, I am currently working at reverse source code to activate built-in Faces already present inside the “Watchnew.APK” that is the default launcher…

I think this is only some config files to mod to have them activated.

Stay tuned for more infos when I’ll get these Faces activated ^^

Here a picture of ressource files inside the apk with built-in Faces… :

EDIT : Here a link to all the 63 Faces inside : https://goo.gl/photos/2eFRKHarGQ2wZJEN9

That’s great

Can work for king wear kw88?

Whatever you do don’t forget to add few extraordinary faces there !!

Does your expertise extend to KW88?

I hope with your expertise, you can make a standalone app for all Lollipop devices. You have my attention!
A widget generator would suffice.

@Kenneth_Tan https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.zooper.zwfree

Generate your widget!!!:grinning:

Yes that is already on my todo list.

Pretty dope if we can get all of that installed on the KW88!

@tony_bunn @Faisal_Ahmed Will not add more Faces nor work for all watches, but same watches based on the same framework could potentially be activated to show all built-in faces… In fact, all watches that came with one or more Faces from the picture I posted earlier…

@Olimatou If you able to get to the embedded artwork and XML files isn’t it then possible the “swap” the artwork and change XML code for functionality?

@Olimatou yes we have seen these - the problem is all around the config .xml files which are unfortunately missing. These files tell the face engine where to place items like hands and battery level indicators and so on. Please reach out to us if you get stuck or need some advice.
We are hoping to get our hands on these files soon but if you think you can generate them manually - this would be fantastic !!
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

@Kenneth_Tan the problem is - no .xml files are there. This the entire issue here.

Shoot…but how are the different watchfaces configured? haven’t looked into the watchmaker app on 4.4 but I thought watchfaces are user configurable on that platform?

I was referring to the watchfaces @Andrew_Davis creates for the platform and looking at the files it’s all PNG and a XML file.

Why are these different? Aren’t they sideloaded into the clock(face) folder?

Just leave it to us to worry about. I’m not going to go into such detail here. If you want to get a real understanding of the workings of the face engine - check out the watch face dev section :slight_smile:

@Kenneth_Tan Nop, for the first glimpse I had into the source code, the watch faces framework is hard coded into the APK with no configuration files permitted outside of it… No calls or xml structured files to extend Faces possibilities… So, after unlock of the full built-in Faces, we will get 63 Faces at all from this launcher. But I can miss something, this is my first inspection into the code… I edit the post with a new picture showing all faces…

@Olimatou hi mate.
The problem is that these face you see are not all complete and many elements are missing from memory - unless something has changed.
Even if you get the faces to display - the config files for them to actually work are missing. I’d be happy to be proved wrong though…
I really hope you find an answer :slight_smile: