Hi all Any one knows how to modify the clock faces to set the

Hi all
Any one knows how to modify the clock faces to set the seconds hand to tick by the second and not just constantly move?
I want that the seconds hand to tick like a quarts clock, to move avery second not constantly move.
I saw in the clock face folder that there are images files and xml file, I taught that maybe I could add or modify some lines in the code of the xml file to do it ?
Any one know how to do this?

You need to change a rotate 3 to a rotate 10 in the clock_http://skin.xml file.

I have tried what you suggested,
Not working. Its doing the same, the seconds hand moves constantly.
I tried even other numbers, but the seconds hand just stopped moving or gone. I put it back to rotate-3
My smart watch type is: Finow x5 plus (latest firmware)

Right, that’s a bug. Are you using the default launcher ?

Default launcher on the Smart Watch ? Yes

I did not installed any other app yet, just playing with Clock Faces for now.

ok, i can correct this, but in my launcher only.

Is your launcher came with your smart-watch or you downloaded it from Google play or stemware else ?

i more or less made it using several watch launcher and some enhancement. Click on my name to see my posts.

Do you have a clock face for example that the seconds hand moves by the seconds like quartz watch ?
Maybe that way i could modify it to work on my smart watch.

No as i said, this is a bug that is present in your launcher and mine, not corrected yet. The 10 value should work when corrected…
Otherwise you can use a watchmaker skin using my launcher and this is supported.

I found this web site that enplanes the clock_skin.xml file:

In the table down in the site, it says that the number 3 is for the “second hand png” file
and number 10 is for the “shadow” of the “second hand png” file.
Could not find there a DELAY command or anything that can tell the seconds hand to move in different way

My god !! We were looking for this file !!
So it’s true, it’s for shadow, that mean that the code which already manage this second effect is there but not activated (not a bug).
I will share the link to the definition in the other post…

I hope that somthing of that will be usfull to understand the coding of ClockSkinFaces to be better,
I found some more clock_skin.xml coding and info, you all maybe already know this:

and some more info found at the button of that page:

Originally Posted by Lokifish Marz
The hands are image file. The config parameters are in Chinese so they need to be translated.

Translation done. Looks like it can do the following;
Dials- 12 & 24hr H/M/S, Day, Date, Month, Week, Battery (more may be possible with adjusted rotation rates assuming it accepts decimal rotation modifiers. Example: dial with a 0.XXX or X.XXX modifier would equal lunar phase dial)
Digital- 12 & 24hr H/M/S, Day, Date, Month, Week, Steps, Heartrate, Battery, Lunar Phase, Weather, Temperature
Missing- Notification indicators, custom indicators, Calendar events, special effects? (“special second” needs further investigation)

Translated config parameters

<?"utf-8"?> image name can be a single image or xml configuration file, a xml file represents Inside is a picture array

0 </ centerX> X coordinates, center of the screen by default
0 </ centerY> Y coordinates, the default screen center
1 </ rotate> rotate hour and minute hands and other identification, specific explanation rotate index see below,
60 </ angle> Contact with the rotation angle of deviation, such as the default start 0 degrees, and now you need to start from 60 ° In this configuration
2 </ arraytype> If the picture configuration the xml, this is used to identify which specific types, see beneath arraytype index
</ color>1 charging pattern color default white, black you need to configure 1, otherwise do not configure
3 </ mulrotate> Contact mix multiple normal rotation speed, the default is 1, the value of a regular rotation speed multiplied by the default configuration, in addition to its absolute value is negative
150 </ startAngle> dial arc text next to the starting angle
< direction> 1 </ direction> direction of rotation, a clockwise, counterclockwise 2, do not configure the default is clockwise
1 </ textsize> next to the dial arc text font size, do not configure the default 19

rotate index
hour: 1 clockwise angle
minute: 2 minute rotation angle of the
second: 3 seconds rotation angle
month: 4 month rotation angle
week: 5 week rotation angle
battery: 6 Battery rotation angle

arraytype index: numeric array default to start from the smallest, such as 0–9 pictures you first configure 0,1–12 pictures you first configure 1
yearmonthday: 1 numeric date, such as 2015-01 -01 , adopted 11 pictures, the first digital 1–10 Zhang 0-9, the first 11 as a date segmentation map
monthday: 2 numeric day of the month, such as 10-01, using 11 pictures, first 1–10 Zhang is a digital 0-9, the first 11 month of the date of segmentation map
month: 3 month (using 12 pictures point to 12 months, 1–12)
day: 4 date (using 10 pictures, 0–9)
weekday : 5 weeks, seven pictures, Sunday to Monday
hourminute: 6 digital time as 10:59 am in hours and minutes, the first 0–9 1–10 digital sheet configuration, the first image configuration segmentation map 11, the first 12 Configuration AM, the first configuration 13 PM, if there is no AM and PM may not deserve this combination configuration center for the digital center, if AMPM will be automatically added to the digital rear
hour: 7 hours 0–9 Pictures
minute: 8 minutes, 0–9 picture
second: 9 seconds 0–9 picture
weather: 10 Weather, fixed 15 pictures, picture sequence reference weather_array.xml comments inside
temprature: 11 temperature, four pictures, the first negative sign Finally, a unit, picture configured as a digital 1-10, the first 11 pictures is negative, the first 12 units of pictures
steps: 12 steps, five digits, the high is empty then use special image, a first --10 configuration 0–9 figures, the first 11 configure special picture
heartrate: 13 Last heart rate results, 10 pictures, 0–9
battery level: 14 power, three digits, high empty then use special image, The first configuration 0–9 1–10 numbers, the first 11 configure special pictures
special second: 15 seconds running the picture, traveled as a color, did not come for another color, two pictures, first Zhang walked the picture, the second as an ordinary image
pedometer text: 97 arc text next to the dial painting, a total number of steps, you can use configuration starting angle, configuration direction, Configure Text Size
heartrate text: 98 arc text next to the dial painting, the last heart rate results, you can use configuration starting angle, configuration direction, Configure Text Size
charging battery: 99 Rechargeable battery icon position, no trim pictures as long as the coordinate position can be configured using text and image color

@Eli_Mizrahi have you noticed that almost all the technical details reported in that XDA thread were posted by @Lokifish_Marz ?
Do you know that a guide about clockskin format is also present on our forum here: http://roundandroidwatches.proboards.com/thread/60/watch-face-engine-documentation

Sorry, i did not know that.

I was playing with the app Watchmaker and tried to set the Rotation parameter of the seconds hand with this TAG formula:

And i saw that the seconds moves by the second like a quartz clock, unfortunately, the exported file is not compatible with my watch “Finow X5plus” that use Clock_Skin.xml

At the WatchMaker web site there is a tutorial about the xml language and TAGS: http://watchmaker.haz.wiki/tags

Maybe someone can use this to convert it or use it to fit other Wristwatches ?

@Eli_Mizrahi The Universal Launcher by @Eric_Crochemore is able to use .watch face created with Watchmaker, you can try if your face works fine with it

That is good to know, How do i download it ? Have a link ?

Got it, Thanks


It is working excellent

The watch face i modified its seconds hand movement is working as i wanted on my smart-watch.

Very good job