hey, i do'nt know who would like this but it is a great app

hey, i do’nt know who would like this but it is a great app does’nt seem to drain the battery and you have display on until you click on the button.


there are also for emoled screen.

Thanks Sonia great little app

i’m not sure it works great with lcd display (i have D5), i hope ppl with emoled display will use it and see if it drains or not the battery for now it is ok but has an effect on battery life so time will tell:)

I use it on the X5 and have almost no battery drainage

i thought so, with lcd it drains the battery not so much but it does.

I tried it but seemed to suck through the battery in my x5.

i thought maybe on the amoled display it will be better, i’ll contact the developer and notify him about it because it is a great app.

Yeah that’d be great. I’ve got a feeling it might have just stopped my watch from going into sleep/hibernation mode. (Just my best hunch) Seems like whenever anything is displayed that between the os and launcher the battery is drained very quickly. If there was a way to somehow display the time and have everything hibernating that’d be awesome.

i promise to take care of it today:) if i had a amoled display watch i would have used it too:)

You are awesome☺

@Tenniel_Winterbourne i’ve contact him about the app hope he’ll not just respond to my email but also join our community.

can you plz check also this app, i’ve also contact the developer about it as much as possible i want to notify apps’ developers about their apps to make them suit our watches.

Thanks. Will do.

@Tenniel_Winterbourne thanks

Tried it. Displayed too low on the screen and sucked through 39% of the battery within an hour. Cheers, Tenniel

@Tenniel_Winterbourne thanks, i’ll notify the developer and hope he will fix it for our users:)