Hey Hey, here is my first Test with the heart rate sensor.

Hey Hey,

here is my first Test with the heart rate sensor. Features are:

  • Always On heart rate monitoring
  • defining intervals and duration of heart rate monitoring
  • turn heart rate sensor on/off
  • read the sensordata from your watchface

Here it the link:

Knowing Bug:
I think the app should build the mean of the heartrate over time to improve the current value. Actually it’s a little bit volatile.

Next version:

  • will log the Data into a Database on your Device
  • will chart Data

Thanks for your efforts with this. Great project :blush:

@michael_fischer I cant get past the initial (setup?) screen - I hit submit and nothing happens. Am I missing something? I see the HR changing on the clockscreen but seems to be changing too quickly?

Hi you can download the new version. It has some more feature. The version you have tested do nothing more then update the heart rate at watchface. The parameters defines how often and how long the app do that.

thx - is the new version uploaded?