Hey guys, what is the top 5 keyboard for this Watch,

Hey guys, what is the top 5 keyboard for this Watch, I am having trouble with typing…

I use MessagEase… and don’t forget to look at the Smartwatch Ticks video reviews :slight_smile:

TouchOne is a brand new way to type and way to type designed for smartwatches. TouchOne.net check it out.

I really like the jbak keyboard with Paul Borts custom round keyboard. Works well with voice typing but it’s a nightmare to make it stick as default. Anyone know how to make third party keyboards stick as default? I’ve tried ripping out the stock keyboard and the useless stock speech engine but then it defaults to Google’s voice engine and not the keyboard!! I’m guessing something needs to be edited to make it stick?

I agree with you guys, that touch is a good one, but it don’t have a support for my language.

I like the round ones, someone no anyone else that is like this?

I’ll give it another try. I always have auto update disabled in play store because of things like that :slight_smile:

The best (but only in full mode) -> minuum. Try it :wink:

I have Swype+Dragon Trial and had the same problem of not remaining as Default. I moved the app to Internal storage and now it remains as default.

I use google Keyboard or Touchpal sliding or using voice feature… I think is the best way to use a keyboard on hand…