hey guys, I have bought a Finow X5 Plus.

hey guys,

I have bought a Finow X5 Plus. i have the Problem that in some Apps there is white text on white background or black Text on Black background. So its impossible to read. an example is the App “Tasker” … When you select the Operator of a comparision… Its black on Black.

Does anybody know the Problem?

By No.1 D5+ it’s the same Problem

Think they arme mainly the Same. Any Solution vor this?

Who Can so this? Only Manufactor? or is there a Community Version out here?

Same problem here on my lem5.

Hast anybody Contact to finow? And perhaps Can inform them…

We are in contact with both Lemfo and Finow - they are not going fix this any time soon. The solution supplier (software/firmware) vendor are not easy to deal with. I will approach Finow again though - it’s really frustrating

If Finow, No.1 and Lemfo have the same problem I think the software house are the same for all watches

There are 2 main solution providers.
Sinsoft and Finow.
Finow just told me that they are working on the X5+ issues.

I have the same (black on black or white on white) on the X3plus - in at least one app it made a difference whether the full screen vs. zoomed out screen was active .

There is simple solution - go to Accessibility menu (via Search Settings app) and turn on High Contrast.

Unfortunally this does not work, in e.g. tasker its still black on black

in my case (white on white) that works. I seen also other options for fight with colors, You should try.