Hey friends, I'm new to this community,

Hey friends, I’m new to this community, so a very warm hello to all of you amazing guys. I have a kw 88. When I try to update the watch over the Internet,aka “FOTA” update, message shows up as," this version is not configured to fota server ". I’m confused about this,any one else experiencing this behavior?

I also have the same issue… Whats is your current firmware version? My watch is on 20160730…

Is it mean you can’t update via OTA but a wired update.

I had that message for a couple of days and without doing anything, after rechecking OTA update for a few times, message disappeared and I was able to OTA update.

@Akhilesh_jj it’s same as the firmware on your watch

@Akhilesh_jj does your USB cable work as a data cable as well? The cable that came with my watch won’t connect to computer as data cable, but would only charge the watch.

@Jean_Couture thanks for replying Bro, what is the firmware on your watch after the update?

@navjot_bal as per earlier posts we may get a new OTA Next week if you are on 20160730.
And yes data works on the same charging cable. Check for the correct drivers…