Hey Friends.. i´m back

Hello my friends,I’m coming back. After 3 robberies, they took me cell phone, money, my new smartwatch… coming back to try to start over.

We also have this pandemic that ended with me (yes, I had covid-19 and survived).

Coming back to bring news and relearn from the masters of faces. :slight_smile:

I hope it’s okay with you.

Accepting help too… :sweat_smile:… old smartwatch, old cell phone, old notebook, money… this can not be old … :rofl:

I’m there and i’m back.


Hi Thiago! Great to see you are back around the Forum mate! :+1: Sounds like the road you have been traveling has been a bit rough in places lately mate! The stolen stuff, yeah that can be a pain, but they are only items and can be replaced…but surviving Covid :face_with_thermometer:…man that is something to be grateful for! Anyway, good to see you around the place again Thiago, Cheers, Doons


My friend Doonesbury, a lot of things really happened. But I’m back and glad the community has grown immensely. I’ll see Eric’s new apps and tutorials so I can create new faces. And the show can never stop.

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