hey everybody, it's me again sophie,

hey everybody, it’s me again sophie, another great video about the great and amazing ( I HAVE IT:)) smart watch from Microwear the H2.

PLZ subscribe and enjoy:)

H2 is amazing… I have it too… In few days I’ll do review…

I´m waiting for it… I´m very excited to have it.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna thanks very much :slight_smile:

@tim_Collins ha ha ha - I think microwave should be able to fix it. Couple of minutes on High to nuke it should do the job :slight_smile:
On a side note - Kate just messaged me to say that she will replace it if you return it so they can find out what the issue is.
Cheers :slight_smile:

@tim_Collins yep - I’m sending it to her asap. She should see this. Unhappy customers need to be heard… In fact I might wait till I get there after their holiday and show her myself :slight_smile: