Hey everybody. It's a fine day indeed.

Hey everybody. It’s a fine day indeed. Got some great news and surprises for you. They’re here in the latest video: https://youtu.be/yqDUKkr8WKk

In addition to Floating Launcher3 now working seamlessly on all our watches, big and small, the developer, Takagi Katsuyuki, has shared his code with us: https://github.com/tkgktyk/FloatingLauncher3

Do you know what that means? Do you KNOW what that MEANS! I hope so, 'cause I really don’t, but I imagine it’s really cool for those that know about this stuff. Anyway, just the messenger here. Kudos for all this coming together go to a YouTube channel viewer “mina & steve A” who took it on to contact the developer and get the ball working to make this app functional on the smaller X1/D5 platform. All credit to him/her/them. Yippee!

Oh yea, be sure to watch till the end. Got a treat for you watch face fanatics out there.

Nice work, as always :+1: :slight_smile:

Thank you so much SmartWatch Ticks! Another great episode! I must say it was for your videos I ordered the X5 :wink: I’m really curious what the *ahum last app in your video could do for watchfaces! (I would really love to be able to use some sort of Javascript with creating WatchFaces … not sure if this could be possible??) The Floating Launcher also looks great! The one thing that bugs me with all these launchers is that you need to have a weird ‘dot’ on your screen to activate it…could this not be changed into a swipe instead?

The last app indicates that interactive watch faces are a reality now :+1:

Nice video, as usual. Thanks!
I am now trying floating launcher3 hoping battery will not go down too quickly. Maybe, without placing widgets on it, like tunein radio, it could work fine…

Thanks guys! Looks like you enjoyed the little ‘tease’ at the end. I do a full review of cronosurf pro in the latest video at about 11 minutes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDd6-I3_gJ4

nice videos, but something missing…or it will be new one with that great rotating watch faces… i like your work mr.smartwatch ticks

Omni swipe is King! Just installed so not sure about battery consumption or ram but it’s great so far. Just have to be sure to set the trigger to a reach-able position.