Hey All!!  My D5 just arrived in the post. and i have a question..

Hey All!! My D5 just arrived in the post. and i have a question… are there any keyboards that dont take over the whole screen… like i have whatsapp installed, but i tap to type, and instead of it moving that bar (with the voice note button on) up to the middle of the screen, the keyboard and typing area takes over the whole screen.

or does someone have an alternative way to send voice notes?

A good question… whist you’re waiting for a reply type “keyboards” into the search bar… :slight_smile:

thanks… It also takes over when trying to select old search queries

Tried any custom keyboards with re-configurable sizes like TouchPal, Ginger Keyboard, etc from the play store? Not sure if that’s gonna work though , but worth a shot anyway…

@Noel_Mfila_Tshuma not personally, but I watched @SmartWatch_Ticks video on custom keyboards and they all appear to have the same effect of the full screen typing view. It’s quite like some phones when they are in landscape

@Gareth_Timm Hi GT… I meant, type “keyboards” into the search bar on this site… :slight_smile:
I use MessagEase…

I saw the one touch keyboard and it seemed amazing ! Not installed it yet since i’0m still waiting for my watch, but i guess it’s worth