Hey All :) I have 2 questions.

Hey All :slight_smile: I have 2 questions. I am considering buying a No1 D5 smartwatch, but i see new ones are coming out with android 5. Is this worth waiting for? Will it offer any significant benefits?

Also, i know a there are watched similar to the D5, like the k8 mini, does anyone know of a similar watch that has a memory card slot? By the way i am looking for Round watches.

Hi @Gareth_Timm ​, were you see the new D5 “round” comes with Android 5?

Thanks for your reply @Sergio_Paulo1 . Sorry i meant new smartwatches, not new D5’s ( i see the D6 is running 5, but i don’t like square watches). i was wondering whether it would be worth waiting for one of the new watches to come out (that do have android 5) … or whether i should just get the D5 now…

Thanks @Lokifish_Marz . So does that mean that theres no chance of one with a memory card slot?

Ok @Gareth_Timm , When you wrote Android 5, I figured it was for our D5, and I was soon to give jumps. But ok, I will continue to pray …

No.1 is saying their just released D6 will be bumped to Android 6: http://en.001phone.cn/product-no-1-d6-smart-watch-122.html
It’s not round, but it’s the first I have seen even mentioning Android 6