Here's my try to fulfill a request by luciano salvatore.

Here’s my try to fulfill a request by luciano salvatore. I’m not as good as many in this community, so, someone may be able to fulfill it better. I did it just as a method to test WFD. This watchface was completely done on WFD, except for the “M” of the “Maurice Lucroix” logo (but even that was heavily modified on WFD).

Credits go to:

This watch uses features that are ONLY compatible with the latest version of Eric’s Universal Launcher. IT WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY WITHOUT IT!

Download link:

Awesome job Marco!


Wow. Great job​:+1:t2: It is beautiful :grin:

Looks and works very good

@tim_Collins hehehe trust me i wanted to say this to Marco also but u know how this sounds :slight_smile: I guess I feel the same just as Jesus told to love your brothers and sisters. So Marco #metoo

@tim_Collins @Jurgen_Oberst Ok, it seems that at any moment I’ll start hearing Elton John singing “Can you feel the love, tonight?”
Anyway, as Jesus also said: “Freely you have received; freely give”. And I did have freely received many watchfaces you’ve designed :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your kind words :slight_smile:

Looks Great Thanks!!!

@Marco_Ferreira hahahahahahaha that got me good and my wife is still laughing hehehehe thanks for that :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira @Jurgen_Oberst @tim_Collins LMAO :slight_smile:

Hey guy, lunar phases don’t work

Thanks Marco, It’s very nice, good job. But i cannot see day’s hand.

@luciano_salvatore @thamdol_kp are you using it with the launcher as it says in the first post?

@luciano_salvatore The moonphase displayed in your watch depends on the clock engine, not on the watchface, so there’s nothing I can do there. You are right that, at least for me, it shows the previous full-moon (2018/1/31) wrong (it shows on 2018/2/2). However, you have to take in consideration that the precise moon phase is very hard to calculate, since the moon does not travel at a fixed velocity.

“The real moon’s orbit is quite complex, and exact calculations include corrections for every detail.” -

So, most calculations/quick formulas have an error margin of 1 or 2 days, depending on the date (January seems to be a worst case scenario). If you change the date of your watch for the next full moon, you’ll see that it will show correctly. There the error is lower (but it’s still there. That’s just the way simple calculations work).

Also, I don’t know which hemisphere you are from, so that may also contribute to the confusion. While the phase is the same in both hemispheres, in the southern hemisphere the bright side of the moon is opposite to the one seen on the northern hemisphere. This watchface was made thinking on the northern hemisphere. If you are on the southern hemisphere, a quick fix would be to switch the moonphases image names so it would appear to rotate from right to left.

Finally, while I don’t care too much on how someone I don’t even know calls me, I do think it’s better to use my name (preceded with a + so that I get the notification), than it is to use a generic “guy”. I understand that English may not be your first language (it isn’t mine either), and that your culture may be different than mine, so I’m not offended in any way (also, I don’t know if the “guy” you were referring to was me or not). But those two factors reinforce the advice to use names instead of generic adjectives or names…

@Marco_Ferreira sorry for the “guy” is the first time I write in this place. English is non my first language… I will follow your advice, I did not want to offend you

@luciano_salvatore As I said, don’t worry, no offence taken. It was just a friendly advice :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira anyway I just wanted the lower box to mark the day and the night with the moon and the sun

@luciano_salvatore Oh… That’s not the moon phase! That’s the sun rising and sunset. That is, currently, not possible to do with clockskin. I can fake it, by making the sun rise at 6am and set at 6pm. But those are not real sunrise/sunset times…

@luciano_salvatore this?

missing/deleted image from Google+