Here's my new Clockskin - "Roman Face"

Here is my new clockskin - “Roman Face”

Built using WFD beta - For Stock Launcher - Android version 7.1.1
Free to use for everyone on this forum.
Do not share, re-distribute or alter without permission.

Analogue Clock, Hours, Mins, Secs, Day, Date, Month,
Heart Rate, Battery Level, Step-Count
Roman Face

Touch Zones: (opens the stock apps)

Contacts (located at 9 o’clock) Letter “C”
Messages (located at 3 o’clock) Letter “M”




Nice one @Gazman

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Thank you! @Joao_Nascimento

Nice Gaz… Are you building the hands in WFD or cloning from an existing watch?

Thanks @doubledad :grinning:… building from scratch in WFD

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I told you earlier I heard your footsteps behind me and now you have passed me as I haven’t mastered the ability to design hands in WFD!

Thanks @doubledad .,When you get to be Grandads as I believe we both are … you learn to appreciate that everybody has their own special skills. Mine is definitely not in clockskins! … but I can fake it till I make it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
You do some amazing stuff for sure.
Cheers mate.

And I’d be a great-grandad if only my grandsons would get married!

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Gotcha there mate … my Grandson got married and mt great-grandchild is 1 year old now. (But ., I was a grandfather when I was 41.

I’m getting better with WFD but there’s still plenty I haven’t got my head around yet. Maybe when I retire I can :roll_eyes: :grinning: