Here's my bit of fun for the day... clock with a swinging pendulum... and...

Here’s my bit of fun for the day… clock with a swinging pendulum… and… falling snow… (I do love ice-cream)

It’s not a serious watch face, more of a project test… I have a wager that if I could make “falling snow” then somebody [cough] would buy me an ice-cream… (or at least put the watch in one of his YouTube video clips)…

Is that you in the suit?

@Andrew_Somers I don’t think that there would be many takers for a watch with me on it… :slight_smile:

You did it! That’s extreeeeeemmly close to the stock winter face with falling snow. Combined with the pendulum clock it’s a fine face, worthy of a multi-scoop ice cream treat. Good thing it took until summer to get it right, now you can enjoy it in the warm summer weather. Here you go:

BTW, I loaded Santa up on the stock 1st ROM D5 just to see what happens. You’ve got a snow flurry creation as well!