Here's a new face for the musicians out there.

Here’s a new face for the musicians out there. It depicts The Circle of Fifths. It is a music theory diagram for finding the key of a song, transposing songs to different keys, composing new songs and understanding key signatures, scales, and modes.

I wish it was possible to play a tone on selection of each chord/note but it does not look possible at the moment. For those who would like to try Andrew suggested setting 12 alarms, one for each hour and each with a different alarm tone.

Although modified, I’d like to give props to the Mercedes 8 Skin for the hands.

© Copyright 2016 Jeff Pierce


Hi Jeff… great work… I did set my watch to have 12 hourly alarms but used the stock alarms for my test… each alarm continued until I manually turned it off (a bit too messy)… I didn’t get as far as creating 12 (or 24) new and different alarm files, for the different hours. but I don’t think that it would be too difficult… I don’t know if they could be “set” so that they didn’t repeat (until turned off) and just “played” the file once…

I made a slight modification to the clock face so if you already downloaded the face, please download again.