Here’s the start of a panoramic design requested by Goran Zemun Most of the

Here’s the start of a panoramic design requested by @Goran_Zemun
Most of the work is in creating the main image. I’ll post the stages here as I go.
The city is Zemun, which is part of Belgrade, Serbia. The main image needs to be a long thin panorama. I have selected a handful from google search. The night ones are from a video someone took with a quadcopter.


An epic project… good luck :slight_smile:

This should be interesting. It’s nice being a part of your thought process in piecing this together.

Just got back from an Iron Maiden concert, so I’ll quickly post yesterday’s work. Added to album here

Omg …that is great will you send me face when you finish it?

Yes I will share.
I’ve added some more progress pictures to the album (see link above). Let me know if you can’t view the album.
I wrapped the main image into a ring that will be rotating at a 24 hour rate. I started creating the clouds which will be floating behind in the sky. The clouds have been scaled to be 120 pixels high because this is the height of the sky in the main image. The yellow colours at the bottom are sampled from the main image street lights. The random width strips, when rotating under the main image that lets through small points of light, will give the impression of flickering light.

i see album, i trust you, it sounds very difficult, …and lots of work for you…i belive it will be great…thank you in advance

I’m sharing the progress pictures and notes here mainly in case anyone is interested in the process (well, my process anyway).
I changed the link in my comment above to point to the actual album, not just the post, if you want to see more pictures.
I changed the moving clouds. I had a rotation speed of -4, which means 4 times slower than the second hand. It moves slower but only rotates to 90 deg then resets back to 0. This caused a noticeable jump every minute. So I made the clouds a panel with the left side merging seamlessly into the right side, then laid them 4 side by side before converting it to a ring. This fixed the problem.
I then applied a graduated transparency to the just sky (the top 120 pixels) of the main image. 50% transparent for the day side merging to opaque for the night. So the clouds are visible during the day and not so much at night.
I’ll poke some holes in the main image with the eraser tool around the street lights in the night parts so that the rotating yellow strips underneath will make them appear to flicker.
I’m still putting on the finishing touches. The grand unveiling will be tomorrow.

Now that is attention to detail. Wow. Can’t wait to see this one!

that will be avesome!!!

So here it is. Zemun day/night panorama.
I made a separate post for the finished product here:
I added some stars and the Milky Way to the night, they twinkle a bit (quite subtle though). I also added an overlay of a 30% transparent filter if the weather is cloudy, raining or snowing, it doesn’t really make it look cloudy, but it dims the image slightly during these days. I added images of these to the album

Gardoš Tower comes close and zooms by at about 12:00 (well, when I say zoom I mean it’s in view for only 2 hours until 14:00)
You also see a night view of Gardoš Tower at around 06:00 from the other side. Here I used some artistic license, because the perspective cannot work like this in real life, but it looks OK on the watch because it is simply a city scape slowly scrolling by.
I hope you enjoy it, I learnt a lot about Београд (Belgrade) in the process

Am I reading you right? If the weather is raining or snowing in Belgrade, the image on my arm will be adjusted to account for that current weather condition? That’s true for anybody wearing this watch with this watch face active no matter where they are on Planet Earth? How in the world…no, you’re way over my head already. I’ve gotta just sit with all this for awhile.

It’s just local weather (not Belgrade, unless you’re actually there). I haven’t tested this for that long, so I’m not sure how frequently it’s updated, once a day I suspect. And I think you probably need to be internet connected