Here it is. Originally it was a stand for LG Urbane watch.

Here it is. Originally it was a stand for LG Urbane watch. After flipping the base it fits for the No1 D5 Smartwatch.
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Schau mal hier: Ein Ladestand für die No1 D5 Smartwatch.
Kann auch über unseren bestellt werden.

Have you thought about making your own? I think people will be very interested indeed. It would have to be unique though. Can’t just copy other people’s work unless they grant you the ability to do so…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 The original Stand is published under Creative Commons attribution. So the maker has granted the free use of its design.

Sounds good. I’m sure members would be very interested. It’s a pain not having a stand…

Yes, sounds good, but I cannot find it on the site, exact link please.
( bitte den genauen link, auf der angegebenen Seite finde ich es nicht )

@Gerhard_Kuehl ​ You cant find what? A link to order it printed?
Suchen sie eine Möglichkeit es drucken zu lassen?

Senf Meister : can’t find the article on the site.

@Gerhard_Kuehl i will make a product in my shop at asap, so you can order it directly


I want something similar fpr my Finow X5

@Jose_Luis_Ribes it looks like it could fit your phone too

wuld this charging stand work for the K9 ?

@Jure_Lobe ​ the charging pad looks quite the same. I guess that should work. Can you please measure the diameter of the charging pad?

where can I get second charge pad for my K9 to fit to this?

There is an Aliexpress store that sells all the chargers and docks. Can’t remember which one but it’s here in the forum somewhere…Probably in the X1, D5, K9 general chat section.