Here is my new WF. Simple, but i like it

Here is my new WF. Simple, but i like it.

First link german (day and month)

Second link english

the batterysymbol is seconds too.

this link is the red version


Very nice . thanks .

Super… Thank you so much.

Very nice face thank you so much . Can I ask for it in a bloody red color please ? .thanks in advance

English version . Thanks again.

hi i am still waiting for the red one please ,thanks

Hi, could you please update the link? 'Cause it’s broken, thank you. Nice watchface!

Moved to lost round faces category.

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@serggg , maybe you have this one too?

If yes, he will let us know. No need to push him…

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Agree 100% @G1NT0N1C if @serggg does have any of these faces let him post them in his own time…he is not a reference library for old or lost faces and I don’t think that constantly asking him if he has then is the right way to g about it. So @Claudio_Alejandro it might be better if you just stated your interest in obtaining a particular old or “Lost” face and sit back and wait and see if any of the members have it and are willing to re share it. Just a suggestion mate, Cheers, Doons

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Unfortunately, I don’t have this dial. There are a few others, but they are on an old computer that I don’t use right now. It will take me some time to post a link to them. As soon as I’m not busy.


Thanks man!! Anytime!!