Here is my lemfo lem5 with new Silicone Cover Stainless Steel Watch band .

Here is my lemfo lem5 with new Silicone Cover Stainless Steel Watch band .

Cool, but How?!

missing/deleted image from Google+

Do you have all the process in photos? And the antenas?

@Rodrigo_Pina i remooved all antina rodrigo.

Ah :sweat_smile:
The GPS antena i understand, but the other(s) one(s)… Ok, great job (and balls) is it working normally? You still have Bluetooth, wifi and 3g working ok?

Blutooth is working but long distance its not works well. I dont like gps and gsm. Gsm and gps not working😊

Ameesh, Thank you for showing us this bold step !!! I admire your courage!! :+1::ok_hand::clap:
In the future I’ll do the same!!!
(I bought mine 1 week ago so it still my baby :laughing: and, yes, it’s a pity that we cannot change the band of your watch without cutting antennas… but…) Great Job Ameesh!!!

@Rodrigo_Pina -thank you.

wow nice job and thanks for showing us.
i have a request that could you please guide us step by step or else post pics. thanks

How many meters you lost the bluetooth connection ?

@Benjamin_Sisko - now i get 2mtr only😊.

Not bad ! It works fine with phone compagnion ?

@Benjamin_Sisko - some time it’s disconected. I am not using blutooth.

As long as people understand that this means GPS, WiFi and 3G connectivity are gone !!
Otherwise - in a few days time there will be many complaints that their watches are no longer working as expected…

How about WIFI? Is that still working?

@Mike_McManus - wiffi not working.

Ahh, bummer! :frowning:

Antenna transplant… :slight_smile:

yes - but I do not recommend most users try this. It’s a very complex operation and many will end up with watches that cannot get a signal and have no warranty.
This was done a long time ago by other members - probably 12 months or so…
We never recommend it because the failure rate is very high indeed - be warned !!