Here is my first (uploaded) clockskin! - Metal Analog Digital

I am a beginner, so it might be a little boring watchface… but I tried my best to make a decent quailty watchface! It has both analog and digital clock, and that’s it! Like I said… little boring…
Download Link :
Password Key : NFnncC4IRAdb8XWeX9H1adqVDTOU1vj1YuK9sm0bsEM


Great start and welcome :+1:


@TomboyishBoy Well I for one don’t think it’s boring mate! :+1: It isn’t a copy of a well known face…you created this design from your own imagination…and doing that is never boring. I enjoy watching members start off designing and watch their work branch out into designs that are so imaginative. Looking forward to seeing your future designs! Cheers, Doons


Welcome to the world of clockskin makers.
Just a detail, if you notice the hands are below the digital part, which does not seem to me to be the most correct, anyway, a good start.


“The file you are trying to download is no longer available.”

Good job. sometimes simple is great.

I think it’s a copy, but it’s not against it. How else to learn it than by copying and then ideas come. I think so
Copying here on the forum will not bother anyone. :slight_smile:

Hi Mate, If it is a copy, then Forum rules state that a credit link to the original must be included in the post. If it is a copy of another Forum members work then permission to copy it is supposed to be obtained from the original designer. Do you have any reason for thinking it is a copy and if so, where or who is it copied from? Thanks, Doons

I did not mean it that way. Each dial that has two hands is a copy. It’s hard to ask a 15th century watchmaker if you can use it. I mean, first I learn to emulate someone else’s work and then I make something of my own. This has nothing to do with the rules of the forum. This dial is strikingly similar to some of mine, and these are similar to others here on the forum. That’s why I wrote that I don’t mind such copies.


@Doonsbury @Bohuslav_Balak
Another half year has passed. Here’s the problem again. Not everyone’s original language is English.
We don’t always read well what the other has written or don’t write what we want to say.
Be careful with joking. It can be misleading for the other. :wink:
(I hope I’ve written well what I want to say.) :v:

I recently heard this story:
According to the English, the Americans mounted a handlebars on the of cars wrong side due to a translation error.
Obsessed motorists say this back and forth… UK - USA, USA - UK :smiley:

@Bohuslav_Balak I literally read your post, then your watch face looks like his. It is 4 months older than when you registered. :thinking:

Yes, I understand. I just wanted to say that I don’t mind if someone uses my idea. I don’t consider it copying. If there was no problem with the font, I would put .XML files here and everyone can customize them as they like. I apologize for the misunderstanding.


No worries mate! I see your point now…as they say…“There is nothing new under the Sun”! :rofl: Cheers, Doons


Good 1st effort!