Here is a watch face I am trying to work on.

Here is a watch face I am trying to work on. Its the Mystic jump watch from the french company Lip. It is a round watch face originally on a square watch. It can be easily adapted to a strictly round design. I am going to try to make both varients. I just want to know if anyone else is interested in this idea and has designed something like this already. If so, I might just make my own variant of it, like putting my own custom logo or a picture that spins with the second wheel. There is also a varient that just has a line that runs to the center instead of a window, highlighting the actual time. it should just be a matter of layering and using time wheels instead of hands.

@Nicholas_Herczeg I think that would make a great watch face. Can’t wait to see the finish item.

@Nicholas_Herczeg I think this would look a great watch face cant wait to see the finish item .

Until I’m done, @Cerebral_Flex made a really good varient. I am working on a slightly different version with the window on the bottom where the time segments stack up from the bottom and the minutes more closely resemble the formating of the picture. After XX:30, on analog clocks, the French count down the minutes until the next hour so 8:42am would be read as 9 am minus 18 minutes, aka 18 minutes until 9am.