Here is a crazy one for those with extra time on their hands to

Here is a crazy one for those with extra time on their hands to try and make :wink: Granted it wouldn’t look the same on a 2D plane but still…

And it is maybe best suited for square watches…

Cant remember who did it

Is this a download for an Android Wear watchskin?

It’s a watchmaker file.

So it won’t work on our Android watches…

It is for Android. You need @WatchMaker ​ from the play store.

So is it for “Android Wear” watches?

Yes it is for Android wear. I use it myself and make watch faces for the G+ community.

You install the app on your phone. Then it will give you an option on your watch to select watch maker as the watch face.

So will it work on non-Android Wear watches too?

But this is a group specifically for non-Android Wear watches… although all are welcome… are you able to make a skin that we could use?

I’m very confused. The group title is Round Android Smartwatches. So the watches run Android not Android Wear like my Huawei watch.

Yep… I’m not a Tech, so bear with me, but we have (what I think is called) “pure android” watches… 100% not “Android Wear”… :slight_smile:

The other bit of the group header says, “Just because it’s not Wear, doesn’t mean it’s not good.”…

We use ClockSkinMaker not WatchMaker… although any .png files can be used… generally resized to 400x400…