Here a request of the same watch from +Nicholas Herczeg It is a Xeric

Here a request of the same watch from +Nicholas Herczeg

It is a Xeric Halograph 2 Green

Made it with WFD and PS.
I have change the day/night into a power indicator.
And i let the gears move

All credits to:


Bricky, if you like, the typographic font of the watch is called “Corbert”

@bricky_vl excellent - thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you so much…

@Jorge_Gonzalez oke!!
Thank’s mate

Looks really great, I’m just having some issues with it loading into watchmaker?? Or is it just me?

I am also having an issue with the file into Watchmaker (after downloading in Google drive). If a Dropbox link could be made available for this watch that would be great.

@Brandon_Davis @Paul_Harris This Community is called Round Android Smartwatches Costum faces NOT WEAR.
So we don’t have any .watch faces over here.

Hello @bricky_vl
I loved this Watchface so much I have managed to recreate it for myself in Watchmaker from the image files. With your permission and full credit to you I could publish it in Wear format. What do you think?
I have also added a tap feature that changes the dials from black to green and the hands from red to white.
Great work BTW.

@Dave281 I love it when people know how it works when they would publish other people’s work.
So yes you may publish it .
I don’t know where you will publish it.
But on this community it is not aloud to publish any .wear faces.

@bricky_vl Thank you. Yes I realise I cannot publish it here or even a link but it will be available to wear users. Congratulations on a great piece.

@Brandon_Davis @Paul_Harris @Robin_Nibor this face is now available in the Google + Android Wear OS community with thanks to @bricky_vl giving me permission.

@Dave281 hi i could not give any comment on your site.
But what i want to ask is,
Could you please turn of the external sharing of the clockskin so that nobody else could share it again.

@bricky_vl Done. :+1:

@Dave281 Thank you !!!