Help with the Omate Rise.

Help with the Omate Rise. I would like to know if I can flash the software of the IQI I2 on the Rise. It has the same hardware with one button on the top right and Android 5.1. Rise can’t do much at this time as it is undeveloped. Thanks everyone!

@Lokifish_Marz why do you think they have little in common? I’m jut curious on your feedback. They are both based on Android 5.1 and designed to work as standalone devices. The only difference may be in the gsm bands they are using. They both take sim cards, have incorporated antenna for GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular network. My main problem is that the Rise can’t access Google play store ( no Google services). Even when you install some applications, they fail to run properly on the round screen as not all the application is shown and therefore, can’t click on “open” "back " and so on…

@Lokifish_Marz thanks for all the feedback. I don’t know much about Android but I do have a decent understanding of the technical part. I work as a document management solution designer engineer. I’ve avoided Omate for years now as I’ve watched their progress thorough the years. I have never felt the need to get any of their products, for several reasons : undeveloped products and they way Laurent handles his customers. In fact, the reason why I’ve reached out to you was because me and Laurent had a conflict over the posts. I have tried to hold him accountable for the promises he have made. Although the Rise is a nice looking watch, nothing of what we have been promised is true. That extends to the hardware,not only he software part : the carbon fiber bezel is actually an inlay, the first waterproof watch is actually water resistant…but actually…not really…the Sapphire glass is actually not really Sapphire…and so on. There’s no point of selling my Rise as I can bear the loss. That’s OK. I was blown away by the way Laurent answers to his backers, how condensceding he can be, treating everyone and how he handled my questions. When he found it difficult to answer, he just banned me of the community… I’ve reached out to some people I knew in Hong Kong and they’ve been telling me that the Rise has been developed by the same people who have developed Awatch Comet as much as other watches have. That’s why I thought it may be a way to get a different soft into the Rise which would make the watch somehow functional. Right now it’s just a watch. Even with a sim card inserted, has issues. You can pick up the call but the sound isn’t routed through the speaker. You have to have a hands-free device connected to it. That’s just unacceptable. Thanks again for your feedback.

Yep, sounds about right. They are terrible.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 yep…I think I’ll go for the Huawei and stop with smartwatches for a while

Not a fan of Omate in any way shape or form.
They are a very selfish entity with no customer focus whatsoever. Behavior that appears to be in fashion lately …

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I agree with you. That French prick went already too far. Someone should stop him