Help with setting my watch back to the original firmware

I’ve been trying to set my watch back to the original firmware but it’s giving me an error and it will not do it. My prime to still does not have audio or it will not connect to Bluetooth now. Since I’ve updated to the newer version of the firmware which is the V1 2 / B4+ firmware. Can anybody tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Do you know that you have to use the flashtool?

No I don’t thank you I will give that a shot.

Here you find a flashing tutorial. It’s for another watch, but it will work on your watch, too. But you have to flash the right firmware for your watch.

The address you gave me doesn’t seem to work, thanks for trying I’ll see if I can find something. Appreciate your help

I have updated the link.

Hi sorry I haven’t got back to you, I had to leave in a rush because of fires in my area where I live. To help other people. You sent me a flash tool but I cannot find it on my watch, would you please send that flash to again for me. Thanks hope boot it’s or my kospet Prime 2 to reset it back to factory

I see the flash tutorial now.

Here is the link to the prime 2 firmware: - Google Drive

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you’ll find the latest flash tools at (you should take v5, not v6)