Help with PIN on watch

I have a Thor Pro, i have installed a WiFi certificate and it required me to put a PIN like on a normal Android phone, we all know that this watches are running a custom Android and it have a custom settings menu for the watch, in the settings of the watch there isn’t the security menu so I can’t disable the PIN, to do it i would need to go to stock android settings, now, how can i do that?

Try “setting search” app, not anymore on the G Store, but probably still somewhere else…

That didn’t worked, i found the app and on screen lock and security, when i press it, it brings me to the security settings of the whatch where i can only disable or enable unknown sources, that’s it.
The only way to do it that i found is to hard reset the watch, but i really don’t want to do it. Please help me in some way if you can.