Help with kw88 battery

Hello, I got myself a kw88 a few weeks back and I had no problems at all untill I decided to install some custom watchfaces. The problem is that with some of them the battery would jump from 80% aprox. to 0% instantly (note that I really don’t use bluethooth, wifi or gps).
This happens even when im not using the downloaded watchface and the problem goes away if I uninstall it. did a factory reset and had no problems at all for like two weeks until I installed new custome ones

Im new to all of this so could please someone tell me if this is a problem other people have or if there is a way to fix it or to avoid it?

Never seen that. Do you have a face name to share ?

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I don’t really remember the first one, but I downloaded the second one it from this post for the universal launcher.

[My cursing watchface. One of my early faces that needed stocklauncher and 400 x]

Funny that’s one of yours @G1NT0N1C.
I have it since months with no issue. It’s surely coming from something else.

Yes, it is! But I never had any battery problems. And noone else told me about. Strange…
Did you have installed the latest firmware? Have you try a factory reset?

I have the latest version and did a factory reset to fix it a few weeks back, but the strange thing is that only happens a day or so after installing watchfaces, but the battery drains out when im not using it.
I turn on the screen and its just suddently dead even so a few minutes it had more than 50% and it wont power on until I charge it and start with 1%.
I dont know what can I besides do checking if a downloaded watch face triggers this.

Surely not, it looks like a bad battery calibration.

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