Help with battery issue

I love my allcall had it since dec 2017 i don’t usually use the phone or any futures usually is on flight mode. I like to use different watch faces.
I have been able to use the watch from 8 am till 7 and i would still have 14% and then i would charge it till next day.
I noticed that since last week the battry would die out of a blue
I did factory reset today hoping it would fix it but nope.
I took it off of the charge at 4pm then it was deat at 6 when i got home i charged and looked at the history of battery it looked like from 4 to 6 it was going down slowly and then around 6 it emptied! Any clue whats going on?
Thank you for helping

Hi, This is Pablo11 from the YT post.

Normally it is because of installed apps causing the problem.

If you want to try flashing the stock firmware on your watch it may help the problem.

Have you flashed any firmware on it or is it still the original version?

It’s the original watch i didn’t do anything to it i just like the fact that i can have different faces on it. And until last week i didn’t have any problem i downloaded google fit on it and then it crashed and after that the problems started i removed the google fit and did the factory reset on it but that didn’t help either

to me the clock turns off by itself and when I connect it has no battery.
it also restarts me when I connect the mobile data.
you know where I can buy a replacement battery?

it would work?

Sept 15, 2018 19:24:04 GMT 1 madakite said:

try ask them, they are expensive but they sell parts so if they give you a link you can look it up in other stores or on alibaba.