Help - what file type are Watchface Designer files?

I’ve just spent two hours working on my first Watchface design on WFD and abruptly the program crashed, telling me it had run out of memory. I believe I’d saved progress but can’t find a relevant file, and while it did tell me it had saved a backup, it was a long string and I didn’t remember it … so what file format should I search for, or where is the standard save-to directory? I really don’t want to start all over again …

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Thanks for that, Dr. I did uninstall and reinstall Java, as you suggested, but in fact it was the same version I’d installed yesterday … As for installing Java for 32-bits, it’s incredibly confusing. The pages you linked to (thank you) say to ensure you’re downloading the right version for either 32 or 64-bit machines, but there’s no actual physical link to a file that says it’s for 32-bit machines - there are 3 listed, one of which specifies x64 machines, but the other two just say they’re for i586. Anyway, I’ve ‘installed’ both of them so we’ll see. I’ve hunted for xml files, if that’s the back-up format, but I haven’t found a file that looks like a back-up. Any idea whether I’m looking for an xml file or something else, as back-up?
Thanks for your help.

it’s the 64-bit version that is the good one, It will let you use all of your memory instead of only a few hundred MB


Thanks! Seems to be working okay now, though I’m saving more often!

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Well there’s a novelty … when I export the face it all works correctly, but it insists on showing the time indicated on the WFD interface, not the real time. When I click the Preview Fixed Data box in the app and then Set time to now, the face on the interface moves to 7.38-ish, while here in France it’s 9.30-ish … and when I export the face, that interface time is what I get on my imported face, though switching to other faces on the watch shows the right time. Can I reset the ‘correct’ time on the WDF app? I’ve restarted it once but it made no difference.

If you uncheck both “Preview Fixed Data” and “Preview Movements”, what time does it show then? 22.08? If that is the case you just need to change it to 00.00 and then it should show the right time on your watch


Thanks! I’d used the Start Angle command to move the hands from the 12 o’clock position so I could position a step counter and image beneath the 12.00 position. So I used the same command to move the hands to the correct time (‘now’) and it started working properly and has sent over the face with the correct time to the watch. Yay!

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